1 /si:d/ noun plural seeds or seed 1
a) (C, U) a small, hard object produced by plants, from which a new plant of the same kind grows: sunflower seeds | plant/sow seeds (=put them into the ground): Plant the seeds in sandy soil, about 10 cm apart. | grow sth from seed (=grow a plant from a seed, rather than planting it when it is already partly grown)
b) (U) a quantity of seeds: grass seed
2 AmE (C) one of the small hard objects in a fruit such as an apple or orange, from which new fruit trees grow; pip 1 (1) BrE
3 go/run to seed
a) if a plant or vegetable goes or runs to seed, it starts producing flowers and seeds as well as leaves
b) if a person goes or runs to seed, they become unattractive, fat, or unhealthy especially because of getting old or lazy
4 the seeds of sth something that makes a new situation start to grow and develop: the seeds of victory | sow (the) seeds of doubt/destruction/rebellion etc (=do or say something which makes a bad feeling or situation develop and become a much more serious problem): Sectarian agitators did much to sow the seeds of discontent among the people.
5 number one/number three etc seed (C) a tennis player who is given a particular position according to how likely they are to win a competition: He's been top seed for the past two years.
6 biblical or humorous semen or sperm
7 (U) biblical the group of people who have a particular person as their father, grandfather etc, especially when they form a particular race
2 verb
1 (T) to remove seeds from fruit: seeded raisins
2 (transitive usually passive) to give a tennis player a particular position, according to how likely they are to win a competition: seeded fourth at Wimbledon
3 (transitive often passive) to plant seeds in the ground
4 (I) to produce seeds

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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